USP Snapshot

  • Genuine global Disruption to the electricity markets to be rolled out as screems energy, replacing electricity from the National Grids, supplied as Off-Grid electricity.
  • Potential savings to World’s Countries between $23 – 44 Trillion, the amount the International Energy Agency projected UNFCCC Party Countries would need to spend to implement the Paris Climate Change Directive of Paris 2015, if they Countries convert to screems energy.
  • Households and SME can SWITCH to screems energy that has a consumer cost of only 8¢ per kilowatt/hour (“kWh”). No purchase price, no installation charges, no on-going costs or charges, just 8¢ per kWh.
  • This 8¢ per kWh price introduces true passive Disruptive Innovation to the global consumer marketplace.


Compared to the average prices:
20¢ per kWh in the EU
13¢ per kWh in the USA.


  • A kWh of screems energy is delivered to the consumer with zero CO2 emission, the EU target of 2050 being achieved today with screems energy, as empirically proven in the proof of concept home site, see the presentation video for the factual evidence.