Turnkey Engineering Alliance Partners

Bernhard Biermann

FEV GmbH, D-Aachen (``FEV``)

Prof Bernhard Biermann Senior Director Business Development Europe / Chairman of the Board of Directors FEV UK Ltd – FEV GmbH, Senior Director Business Development Europe & Chairman of the Board of Directors FEV UK Ltd. His professional profile contains:

  • 7 years business development Europe with focus on UK and Scandinavian as well as commercial, industrial & large engines customers
  • 8 years of experience with testing solutions in the fields of program management, project planning, production, sales & marketing
  • 9 years of engineering expertise in gasoline thermodynamics and benchmarking, project management.
  • 4 years student worker in the fields of diesel after-treatment, design & optical combustion assessment.
  • Education – Diploma Degree TH (Mech. Eng.) 1987, RWTH Aachen University.


Turnkey Engineering Alliance Partners – FEV GmbH, D-Aachen (“FEV”) www.fev.com

In-charge of the Screems Project and reporting to Ralf Kalmbach at ATK: Dr.-ing. Norbert W. Alt, Chairman of the Executive Board of FEV Europe GmbH, responsible for FEV’s European operations. http://www.fev.com/en/who-we-are/management.html to whom Bernhard reports directly.

Additional Key Alliances and Partnerships

The Screems Project has secured various important parts of the supply chain with Alliances and Partnerships with other major corporations, such, to name just a few:

Remeha BV, a division of the BDR Thermea Group; who are destined to manufacture, install & service MAPS Devices in Europe, including the UK, regardless of BREXIT.

Eurofiber BV, to provide the optical fibre and management of the screems SMART grid.

And there are many other corporations wanting to join our ranks, watch this space …