Pilot Production 2018

Pilot Production commences this 2018-year of MAPSCHP MKII manufacturing 12,000+ Devices in a variety of ranges and sizes. The CHP Devices deliver screems energy in the form of electricity (Power) and hot water (Heat) that will meet all household demands.

All MAPS Devices deliver screems energy that guarantee full energy needs are supplied inhouse, “OFF-GRID“, and delivering fast charge to both family electric cars, heating & reverse-cycle full air-conditioning, hot water unlimited, on demand.

The range of sizes will cater mostly for households but include units that are suited for:

  • SME
  • Apartment blocks
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial enterprise.

These Pilot Production 12,000+ Devices will enable consumers to disconnect from the National Grid and will be zero consumption from the Grid.

All MAPSCHP MKII Devices will be rented to the consumers for 8¢ per kWh of electricity consumed, and no charge for the Hot Water. There are no purchase investments to be made by the consumers, no installation costs, no maintenance or services charges, and no emergency call-out costs. They pay only 8¢ per kWh they consume.

Gone are power-outages, blackouts, and disruption problems that affect national grids, but are no longer the Screems Project customer’s problem.

The full production schedule is targeted to deliver:

MAPS MKIII Devices will go into mass production, produced by a group of Whitegoods Brand manufacturers with more than 100 million Devices produced in the first full production year, 2019/20.