Household Exhibit completion 2018

The NES Project – 26 Townhouse complex, total zero emissions

Never Expected Sustainability Project: (“NES”) is 2 separate developments in Nooitgedacht, Aa en Hunze Community, Province Drenthe, NL:

The overall development of the NES Project consists of:

  • 1st α (Alpha) 26 Townhouses Field Test, demonstration & display of various sustainable energy technologies. This 1st development will be ready and open for display through global media to promote at the IPO launch,
  • 2nd β (Beta) a sub-division Field Test, expanding in size and the upgrading in technologies, improving on the α 26 Townhouse development based on the experiences gained.


Note: Nooitgedacht is a small hamlet of some 330± people today, just 8km south of the City of Assen, and only 2 km south of the township Rolde. The Aa en Hunze Municipality wants to stimulate sustainability by promoting low- or zero-energy concepts in this neighbourhood, to be developed into a low-density living area, about 290± new houses in total. This site is next to a newly built recreation area, called the “Hof van Saksen”, with luxurious accommodations like an indoor swimming pool, wellness centre and restaurants.


NES demonstrates:

All Townhouses are “Nul op de Meter” (“Zero on the Meter”) & Zero Carbon Footprint houses that generate more energy than they need for their homes and household.

Household Exhibit completion 2018
Household Exhibit completion 2018
Household Exhibit completion 2018

The screems technologies to be installed in the NES Project:

There are 2 elements to the installation; the 1st is that every Townhouse is “stand-alone” and totally self-sufficient. The 2nd element is the screems SMARTGrid manages surplus energy, and exports the overage to the local community as a gift (street lighting, community hall for the disadvantaged community et al.)


The MAPS technologies being implemented in each of the Townhouses and ungraded after this α 26 Townhouses Field Test, ultimately results in these components inside:

The UOF related to the NES Project:

The overall NES Project for the α 26 Townhouses Field Test, all required to be globally exhibited and display on mass-media on the IPO launch day, has a total project investment estimate of:

Total α NES Project Investment: Per  Townhouse Total ∂ NES Project
Builder & land € 226’923.08 € 5’900’000.00
Devices & SMARTGrid € 48’076.92 € 1’250’000.00
Faaradai Labs ß technologies € 13’461.54 € 350’000.00
Builder overage allowance € 6’923.08 € 180’000.00
Interest on borrowers to profitability € 14’769.23 € 384’000.00
Total Investment € 310’153.85 € 8’064’000.00

investment for α NES

It is important to note that this implementation, not only displays the screems technology, but establishes the Project offices in Assen, NL., with 5 permanent personnel skilled with the expertise to complete all, and:

  • Delivers the R&D for the 2nd generation of MAPS.
  • Through the Turnkey Project Managers produces the entire licensing product and programme for the major appliance manufacturer’s industry, and probably the first licenses. That’s the objective set for the Turnkey Project Managers.
  • Produces all the PR and multi-media programme for the launch day. Establishes the website. You Tube, and other social media interfaces and messages.
  • Informs the UNFCCC and all COP Members, arranges their interest to enter into negotiations with the Turnkey Project Managers for preferred license status in their nations.
  • Clearly demonstrates the USP and importantly, the cost and profitability of MAPS under mass manufacturing with licensees to deliver the economies that the GRID systems can’t match; the factual passive Disruptive Innovation.

See UOF: the key developments that continue and the working capital relate to the lead up to the IPO and the entire implementation of everything to achieve this key and primary financial milestone.


In the 2nd β sub-division Field Test:

The β sub-division Field Test will have the new improvements and MAPS increases in efficiencies over the α 26 Townhouses Field Test, as in Fig. 18; below. All MAPS Devices deliver screems energy that guarantee full energy needs are supplied inhouse, “OFF-GRID“, and delivering fast charge to both family electric cars, heating & reverse-cycle full air-conditioning, hot water unlimited, on demand. Gone are power-outages, blackouts, and disruption problems that affect national grids, but are no longer the Screems Project customer’s problem.