Geoffrey Leslie

CEO Screems Holding BV

Geoffrey is the inventor behind the MAPS technology and applied other technologies to complement a system of generating electricity cheaply, and has sold the IP&C for the Screems Project on terms (payment from future commercialisation) that herein underpins the Whitepaper’s information. He loves tractors & trains; plus wants to help nations meet the Paris 2015 Climate Change Directive.

By background, those past expertise that matter to this Screems Project are:

  • 7 years military including 3 Vietnam Tours. Plus multiple front-line active intelligence ops.
  • 10 years with IBM including designing and developing one-off supercomputer clip-ons to IBM mainframes, developing imaging technologies, CAD, FEM, CGI on supercomputers, and the interrogation & management of very big databases and other huge datasets.
  • 12 years in Agencies applying all skills gained at IBM, military, and outside in the big data world of the supercomputing environment, expanding 3D graphic interpretation of desired results and near real time delivery of data interrogations, in those days, it was Boolean Apps. Plus other Agency type assignments and field ops as and when required.
  • R&D for the last 16 years on finding the ways and means to get more energy out of less setting up what can be implemented to change future for the betterment of all Kind (the PC version of “Mankind”), and this is what is now, the Screems Project.