Dipl.-Ing. Qualified Senior mechanical engineer, CTO Designate, Screems Project

58 years old, senior experience including, and not limited to:

34 years of experience (11 years with AUDI & 19 years with a major automotive engineering firm.)

  • 10 years project management/lead engineer rotary engines.
  • 7 years partial project manager.
  • 7 years senior development engineer.
  • 6 years in advanced development.
  • 4 years assistant at Braunschweig Institut VKM.


  • >38 years experience with rotary combustion engines.
  • Development of range extender for Mini and AUDI A1 Etron.
  • Total advanced development of concept engines in concept cars.
  • New powertrain applications and calibration for concept cars.
  • Development of software for ODB2 (EOBD).
  • Combustion and emission development for advance to homologation of new engines.

International Business Experience in Germany, Austria, Italy, China, Korea, Japan & USA.

Our CTO Designate will join us in January 2018, after completing a period of non-competition a normal requirement for senior technical engineers moving from one engineering group to another.

Consequently his details cannot be shared at this time.