Genuine global Disruption to the electricity markets to be rolled out as screems energy


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screems energy inside “off-Grid forever”



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Week 1 - 15% additional NRGY Tokens

Week 2 - 10% additional NRGY Tokens

Week 3 - 5% additional NRGY Tokens

Week 4 - Finishing December 15th 2017, no bonus NRGY Tokens

If any tokens are left after that period, these unsold tokens will be held in the “Treasury” of Screems Holding BV, available for a sale in the secondary market.




The Product

The Screems Project is developing micro-electricity power generation Devices

The Screems Project is developing micro-electricity power generation Devices, in the form of dishwasher-sized appliances (“MAPS”) and in-car turbines (“DRAGEN”), that produce very low-cost electric energy we call screems energy. At 8¢ per kilowatt-hour (“kWh”) retail price, this electricity is not only much cheaper than anything else today but it’s also produced with >83% less CO2 than a Grid supplied kWh, with the aim of zero screems energy emissions by 2020.

10 years

at 8¢ per kWh consumed

Importantly, switching to screems energy means each customer can disconnect from the Grid forever, gain not only the lower costs and savings, but also has practical benefits, such as the assurance that regular Grid power outages aren’t going to ruin their days, and that prices will remain stable for 10 years at 8¢ per kWh consumed.


CAD animation

In the case of DRAGEN, the technology will be licensed to the auto industry manufactures so they can add dramatic operational cost reduction and economical value to electric powered vehicles, reducing consumer costs to run their automobiles.

The global electricity market is enormous, and with the automotive sector moving rapidly from fossil fuels to electric vehicles, it stands to get much bigger. The Screems Project plans to capture at least 2.5% of this market in the coming years, resulting in revenues in the multi-billions of US Dollars. Additionally, the Screems Project will earn licensing fees from other manufacturers.

Therefore, screems energy will not only reduce CO2 emissions drastically, but save users 50% of their electricity bills, and save Countries citizen taxpayers multi-Billions USD, while enlarging cryptocurrency use in a manifold rate, but also likely make a lot of money for Token holders and shareholders in the process.

The enterprise

the Screems Project structure today and tomorrow:

The incorporated Screems Project structure today

The Screems Project must gain access to the public financial markets so that they do not need to rely on private capital, that always comes with “self-interest” conditions, such as one big partner like a major appliance manufacturer, whose self-interest is MAPS for their Whitegoods Brands and not the competitors, therein dramatically limiting MAPS ability to provide Disruptive Innovation to the global marketplace.

The structured financial objective now is to prepare the Screems Project for listing and floatation as an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on the London Stock Exchange’s (“LSE”) Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) Board by mid-2018, next year.

The plan is to launch the IPO on the LSE AIM Board by mid-2018

The global electricity outlook and the screems energy target market expectation:

Detailed global electricity information is extracted from the International Energy Agency (“iea”) World Energy Outlook 2016, annual report, in TeraWatt hours (“TWh”) consumed.

Given a successful implementation of the full Business Plan, what is the Outlook?

The “Guesstimation P&L Outlook” target for the marketing & sales division of the Screems Project, calculated over five (5) years (4 fiscal year periods)

Our Team

The core Team for the Screems Project is in place, experienced and identified

Geoffrey Leslie

CEO Screems Holding BV

Patrick Ranzijn

Group CFO & Investment Director Screems Holding BV

Daniel (``Dani``) Balzer

CFO Screems Holding BV

Hans Van Den Heuvel

Supervisory Board Screems Holding BV

David Miller

Project Director, the Screems Project, Buffalo, NY

Rolf Sattler

Adviser for Screems Finance AG, Zug Switzerland

Paul Gutmann

Adviser for Screems Finance AG, Zug Switzerland
Swiss Bank Director, CEO Designated, Screems Finance AG
Designated Project Director for Screems Energy BV
Dipl.-Ing. Senior Engineer, CTO designate, Screems Project Group
Designated Professor IT Director